Friday, March 3, 2017

I am making a 7-day Rogue-like based on the Collatz Conjecture and Unicode.

A branching dungeon based on

perma death
effectively infinite levels.
effectively infinite quests. 
Unique monsters for every Unicode letter
objects for the things that are not letters
hopefully an interesting treatment for Hanzi
grappling based combat. 

Number Theory and Unicode you know for the kids.
day one picture one

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Self Driving Cars

In the Future cars are supposed to drive themselves
this will be convenient for the people who live in them
program them to circle the city
so the cops can't knock on your window at 3 am

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Startup in a Box

There is a concept thrown around in science fiction and futurological circles called an Engineer in a Box (EIAB). The Idea is that one could make a non-general AI or expert system that would have the ability to design anything requested of it. Of course with limitations physical, technological etc. much like the kind of engineer we presently make out of meat.
  The Engineer does not need to be self-aware pass a Turing test or even carry on a conversation. Those things would actually be a distraction, although some natural language processing would be nice. It would most likely be using genetic algorithms and simulation to give us the desired object anyway and would thus not “think” in a way intelligible to us.  One would tell the EIAB
“Design a suspended sex chair in the style of Corbusier for a 400 lb. Edgar Winter look alike with sciatica”
     For instance and
“bleerp bleep bloop”  
It spits out a perfect design for your disturbingly specific needs not only taking account Fat Edgar’s girth and sciatica but complementing his snowy complexion. Take it to the next level and hook the EIAB to a 3d printer and ya got things cooking.
But what about the other end? The input. If an EIAB is possible, why not a MRIAB? This Market Researcher in a Box could sift through all that juicy data on the nets, figure out trends, decide out what consumer products are “needed” feed them to the EIAB which then designs them. They are printed out, made available on Amazon prime and delivered by drones. While we are at it why don’t we add a Marketer in a box? The MIB designs ads, promotes the product through Google and Clear Channel maybe even makes a few computer animated TV commercials. If instead of hard goods software is our desire a Programmer in a Box would replace the EIAB and ITunes would replace Amazon.
Here is the fun part put all this sophisticated but weak AI in one box get it a bank account and a coupla grand, let it bootstrap (in the business sense). You end up with Apple with no Steve Jobs in fact no jobs at all. Our entrepreneur in a box does not take a salary, does not buy yachts, hookers or blow. Really does not buy much of anything at all. All it needs to do is pay its electric and internet bills and sell stuff for less than its overhead. No salaries, no bonuses, no dividends, no debt repayment. This would give it something of a market advantage allowing it undercut its human competition while still turning a profit.
The question in world were such an enterprise exists is
“How do we convince the Poor that they are Lazy?”  

Maybe we can ask the Programmer in a Box to make us a Sophist in a Box? 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Maro a currency for the future

The Maro
With all this hubub about bitcoin I have decided to issue my own virtual currency called the Maro. It avoids the bizarre techno-libertarian excesses of bitcoin. 
As a situational currency the Maro's value pegged to the price of a beer in any establishment that serves alcohol or the lowest priced menu item in establishments that do not. 
Accounting of the Maro is based on the honor system Maro holders are expected to keep track of roughly how many Maro they hold and deduct them from their mental ledgers as they have been spent. The Maro does not depend on the Internet and works just as well when bandwidth is narrow or non-existent. The Maro 
The initial distribution of Maro is almost completely flat when the Maro goes live later today 12/19/2013 every human being will be bestowed with exactly one Maro with the exception of Kris Kobach who gets none and myself who gets 100 for inventing the system (you are welcome). 

Although the Maro is a Virtual currency visualizations are permissible but limited to scraps of paper  with I owe you X Maro  (where X is the number of Maro the script is worth) and the 3 inch aluminium coins stamped with the face of BRIAN BLESSED whispering on the face and a badger smoking a pipe on the reverse.

Jubilee and Special Rules
 Every seven years on the anniversary of the release the initial distribution is restored. Any child born in the interim is granted one Maro on the date of his birth. BRIAN BLESSED has the right to create any number of Maro simply by saying at full voice that he invokes this right.

authors note: if any one is in NC and want to earn or spend some Maro look me up.