Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Now you can kill stuff and Die

I just wrapped up a release of goblin men as I am meant to be studying for the actuary exams.
I still need to finish a host of things in it so I am dubbing it version -5i + 1. I would explain it but it is complicated. The engine is approaching completion so next week more monsters more puzzles
 less mucking about in the interface.  
Oh and now there is a death screen. (the just turning off was a little confusing.)

have fun and remember work in progress and all that. Download the new version from the link to the side.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Playable Tour of Goblin Men

There is now a playable demo of Goblin men just click on the picture to download it
but first a few caveats This is a very simple and buggy version of the game.
the parser is wonky.
but you get the idea.
make sure to run it in its own folder
as it will produce quite a few files when played.
oh use the comma ',' to interact with the environment.
fighting works but you have to really mean it!