Sunday, January 6, 2013

An Exploration of the Hubski Trinity

The the three bigger circles are the three most popular (well most followed) users on Hubski that are actual people. Green circles are folks that follow thenewgreen and not mk and kleinbloo. Blue are bloos and the red belong to mk (pbuh) who not being named after a color got the one left over. Folks familiar with the color wheel and Ven diagrams (of which this is a more rigorous version ) will have guessed that the amber folks follow both greeny and mk (pbuh) and not little boy blue and white follow all three.

     What I learned from this visualization is that while kleinbloo has nearly 100 less followers than mk (pbuh) he has seven more people that follow him and not newgreen or mk (pbuh). Newgreen and our leader actually share 64% of their followers. The cyan circles (newgreen and klein followers that for some reason don't like mk (pbuh)) are remarkably few in number (only 33). Green only shares 38% of his followers with Blue leading me to speculate that there is a possible lumpiness on hubski a green division of long time users many with personal connections with thenewgreen and mk and a blue division of redditors following kleinbloo.


Popularity of Hubski users shows Stratification.

I have always assumed that the distribution of followers on hubski followed a power curve with mk (our beneficent founder) top with the popularity of users falling off quickly at first and flatting thus. The 30 most popular users in order of popularity on the X number of followers on the Y.

and until recently this seems to have been true. Notice that although the top users have many more followers than the rest of us there is a smooth decrease no gaps or steep drop offs. Recent events have changed this curve in what I feel is a dramatic fashion.

We still have our glorious leader in the kingly position but we have gained cluster of dukes or barons below him. The rest of the curve has been ruffled but by the time you get to country squires like myself it has smoothed it's self out. So who are are new overlords? The robber barons of of thoughtful discussion?

kleinbl00, hubski and the Lancelot to MK's Arthur thenewgreen. One of them I suspect is a sockpuppet for our king another has me blocked and will sadly never read this.