Friday, December 16, 2011

Art show by cute Girl

I went to an art show the smallish 5 by 7 inch pictures were "cute" and decorative images of girls and animals. But then I noticed a bit of a Gnostic twist the cute girls are holding torches apparently intending to burn down heaven. Of course I sought to speak with the artist. We spoke briefly she said the images are based on a Sufi parable about a woman with a torch and a bucket, the torch to burn down heaven the bucket to quench the fires of hell. So that mankind can learn to love God without greed or fear. I was in love . . . with the images. Although I do have a dinner with the artist so we will see how that works out.
here some of the images for more here is her "Esty"

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Two lesser tracks

Two tracks that I have not really promoted but in retrospect are interesting.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Annoying Misconceptions about History

The "historical" statement I vexes me is.
If you can read this thank a teacher.
If you can read it in English thank a veteran.

When Americans say it.
Exactly which war was that?
The French and Indian War?
Because the idea that that incompetent Hitler would have successfully invaded
and then made us all speak German is kinda a stretch.
Even if that happened even if he did. Most Germans read English.
I do not understand the world were the German scenario is true.
Same for the Japanese equivalent.

So it must be the Indian wars and those veterans are dead so I can really thank them.
I would not feel right thanking them anyway that genocide is nothing to be proud of.
and most of the Native Americans died of European diseases anyway so.

If you can read this thank a teacher.
If you can read it in English thank . . . small pox?

Toilet Paper.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rihanna Kings sized bed YouTube conversation

Wow I have never seen Taylor Swift look so hot. She has really grown into a real woman. btw that first verse is the masonic five points of fellowship
-JakobVirgil 15 hours ago

@JakobVirgil Wtf are you talking about it's Rihanna not Taylor Swift?
-lsjnfwnc2 15 hours ago

@lsjnfwnc2 Are you sure?
-JakobVirgil 4 hours ago

@JakobVirgil Positive.....
-lsjnfwnc2 2 hours ago

@lsjnfwnc2 Well if you say sounds more like Taylor Swift
but the incredible hotness does point to it being Rihanna.
maybe we should just agree to disagree. we can never know for sure.
-JakobVirgil 1 hour ago

@JakobVirgil Are you fucking retarded, Taylor Swift has nothing to do with this lmfao?
Where the fuck did you even get her name from? Word though this ain't Taylor Swift and she seriously has nothing to do with it?
-lsjnfwnc2 50 minutes ago

@lsjnfwnc2 I will have you know that I may have a learning disability but I am saving myself for marriage.
Why are you so sure this is Rihanna? I looked her up on wikipedia and it said that
Robyn Rihanna Fenty (her real name) was born in Barbados the woman singing this song
does not sound like Jackie Opel at all. so until I have proof to the contrary I am going to stick with thinking this is Taylor Swift. 
-JakobVirgil 26 minutes ago

@JakobVirgil Sorry, I actually feel like an ass now.. And well, alright believe what you wish but the title says Rihanna,
which shows it isn't taylor swift..
-lsjnfwnc2 16 minutes ago

@lsjnfwnc2 thank you its alright
I looked at the title it is Rihanna I should have looked earlier.
sometimes I get confused. but I am a good worker.
-JakobVirgil 12 minutes ago

@JakobVirgil Still sorry haha, not big deal that'cha got confused. Just keep doing what ya do big guy. :D
-lsjnfwnc2 10 minutes ago

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The joys of Solipsism

I was in the grocery and I noticed that I recognized none of the celebrities on the magazines. It was like being in Canada or Belgium everyone on the covers looked beautiful and famous but I did not know who any of them were.
so I went to the music magazine section knowing as a music guy I would know at least some of them I was not disappointed Dave Grohl was on the cover of half of them but he has not been in a good band for at least 15 years.This put me in to a reflective mood
“am I an insufferable hipster snob?”
I was called a hipster just the other day.
but since I am pleasantly plump, don't own a hat and have never liked anthing ironically I rejected that theory.
The little asshole of a voice in the back of my head piped in with "it is because you are old."
of course I told that voice where he could shove it. and came up with a novel theory of my own.

I am the center of the universe.
well not really ,the universe does not technically have one center in fact any point can be called the center the point I chose was me.
I think it was a good choice.
all things considered.
I could have chosen a point far away from myself but then I would not be able to see what was going on.
I think this is a good strategy that way the art I am seeing becomes very important.
my friends become very important people at the center of everything.
The bands I listen to become pivotal in the history of music.
With this said a very important band tinyfolk has just broken up.
This event left a lot of very important people sad, angry and confused.
Confused because mostly it was just Russ and how does a person break-up?
They made some great recordings thus always horses,Johnny B. Goode (which would confuse and amaze Chuck Berry) and the best cover of Bubble Guns (Hello Shark). There is a new band with Russ and the gorgeous, puzzling and terrifing Meghan Lamb.

Who as well as being as cute as two buttons have a new literary/arts/ephermera magazine redlightbulbs which brings me back to how I am the center of the universe.
one of the features is a remix/refiguring and video of a song from a band a used to be in by psovod.
(it is a thing more beautiful than anything I have ever made)
as well as a short film by yours truly.
because I am at the center of all things.
I did not provide links to the pieces just click thru redlightbulbs

for complete redundancies sake I also posted this here

Monday, April 25, 2011

A new anchorites project

I have decided at the pleading of no one to resurect the anchorite project with a new raw track "The word of the blessing of Enoch" this track and video with be proccessed and republished approching but never becoming a finished song or video.
it is an experiment in the classic sense there is no guarntee of A listenable result

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Transilvanian Hunger (the prequel) Ferniz as a young boy

A film fell into my hands that seems to feature ferniz the drummer/vocalist
for the black metal band darkthrone eating at a diner near my house.
I felt compelled to score it and put this rare metal artifact online for y'all to see.

hail . . . you know

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The diamond sutra

If one perceives me in forms,
If one listens for me in sounds,
This person practices a deviant path
And cannot see the Tathāgata.

all intentional sounds bowed banjo

orangeball a film by lilly

A stop action film Lilly and I made one sunday morning.

Explore deming

All sounds are made by the banjo. (bowed, chopped, distorted etc)
Idea orginally intended for the Apskaft Battleship Potyomkin but I got sad and lost track of time. I finished in on us I-10 outside of Deming. New Mexico
the video was made on the cats #7 bus