Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The joys of Solipsism

I was in the grocery and I noticed that I recognized none of the celebrities on the magazines. It was like being in Canada or Belgium everyone on the covers looked beautiful and famous but I did not know who any of them were.
so I went to the music magazine section knowing as a music guy I would know at least some of them I was not disappointed Dave Grohl was on the cover of half of them but he has not been in a good band for at least 15 years.This put me in to a reflective mood
“am I an insufferable hipster snob?”
I was called a hipster just the other day.
but since I am pleasantly plump, don't own a hat and have never liked anthing ironically I rejected that theory.
The little asshole of a voice in the back of my head piped in with "it is because you are old."
of course I told that voice where he could shove it. and came up with a novel theory of my own.

I am the center of the universe.
well not really ,the universe does not technically have one center in fact any point can be called the center the point I chose was me.
I think it was a good choice.
all things considered.
I could have chosen a point far away from myself but then I would not be able to see what was going on.
I think this is a good strategy that way the art I am seeing becomes very important.
my friends become very important people at the center of everything.
The bands I listen to become pivotal in the history of music.
With this said a very important band tinyfolk has just broken up.
This event left a lot of very important people sad, angry and confused.
Confused because mostly it was just Russ and how does a person break-up?
They made some great recordings thus always horses,Johnny B. Goode (which would confuse and amaze Chuck Berry) and the best cover of Bubble Guns (Hello Shark). There is a new band with Russ and the gorgeous, puzzling and terrifing Meghan Lamb.

Who as well as being as cute as two buttons have a new literary/arts/ephermera magazine redlightbulbs which brings me back to how I am the center of the universe.
one of the features is a remix/refiguring and video of a song from a band a used to be in by psovod.
(it is a thing more beautiful than anything I have ever made)
as well as a short film by yours truly.
because I am at the center of all things.
I did not provide links to the pieces just click thru redlightbulbs

for complete redundancies sake I also posted this here

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