Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rihanna Kings sized bed YouTube conversation

Wow I have never seen Taylor Swift look so hot. She has really grown into a real woman. btw that first verse is the masonic five points of fellowship
-JakobVirgil 15 hours ago

@JakobVirgil Wtf are you talking about it's Rihanna not Taylor Swift?
-lsjnfwnc2 15 hours ago

@lsjnfwnc2 Are you sure?
-JakobVirgil 4 hours ago

@JakobVirgil Positive.....
-lsjnfwnc2 2 hours ago

@lsjnfwnc2 Well if you say sounds more like Taylor Swift
but the incredible hotness does point to it being Rihanna.
maybe we should just agree to disagree. we can never know for sure.
-JakobVirgil 1 hour ago

@JakobVirgil Are you fucking retarded, Taylor Swift has nothing to do with this lmfao?
Where the fuck did you even get her name from? Word though this ain't Taylor Swift and she seriously has nothing to do with it?
-lsjnfwnc2 50 minutes ago

@lsjnfwnc2 I will have you know that I may have a learning disability but I am saving myself for marriage.
Why are you so sure this is Rihanna? I looked her up on wikipedia and it said that
Robyn Rihanna Fenty (her real name) was born in Barbados the woman singing this song
does not sound like Jackie Opel at all. so until I have proof to the contrary I am going to stick with thinking this is Taylor Swift. 
-JakobVirgil 26 minutes ago

@JakobVirgil Sorry, I actually feel like an ass now.. And well, alright believe what you wish but the title says Rihanna,
which shows it isn't taylor swift..
-lsjnfwnc2 16 minutes ago

@lsjnfwnc2 thank you its alright
I looked at the title it is Rihanna I should have looked earlier.
sometimes I get confused. but I am a good worker.
-JakobVirgil 12 minutes ago

@JakobVirgil Still sorry haha, not big deal that'cha got confused. Just keep doing what ya do big guy. :D
-lsjnfwnc2 10 minutes ago

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