Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Maro a currency for the future

The Maro
With all this hubub about bitcoin I have decided to issue my own virtual currency called the Maro. It avoids the bizarre techno-libertarian excesses of bitcoin. 
As a situational currency the Maro's value pegged to the price of a beer in any establishment that serves alcohol or the lowest priced menu item in establishments that do not. 
Accounting of the Maro is based on the honor system Maro holders are expected to keep track of roughly how many Maro they hold and deduct them from their mental ledgers as they have been spent. The Maro does not depend on the Internet and works just as well when bandwidth is narrow or non-existent. The Maro 
The initial distribution of Maro is almost completely flat when the Maro goes live later today 12/19/2013 every human being will be bestowed with exactly one Maro with the exception of Kris Kobach who gets none and myself who gets 100 for inventing the system (you are welcome). 

Although the Maro is a Virtual currency visualizations are permissible but limited to scraps of paper  with I owe you X Maro  (where X is the number of Maro the script is worth) and the 3 inch aluminium coins stamped with the face of BRIAN BLESSED whispering on the face and a badger smoking a pipe on the reverse.

Jubilee and Special Rules
 Every seven years on the anniversary of the release the initial distribution is restored. Any child born in the interim is granted one Maro on the date of his birth. BRIAN BLESSED has the right to create any number of Maro simply by saying at full voice that he invokes this right.

authors note: if any one is in NC and want to earn or spend some Maro look me up.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Haita the Shepherd or the Black Spot.

a game for Halloween enjoy Kongregate logo (click the red rectangle that sez kongregate to play)

Monday, October 21, 2013

A map of Roguish Influence

Essentially the map before with all the games listed as stable on
dropping those that did not connect to the graph.
[thanks to the folks at #rgrd I have fixed most of the extra nethacks and angbands]


Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Web of rogue-like influence (from Classic Major to Major)

Most data is from
with the exception of the Rogue Influence on Omega which is from the cat file in the omega src.
I threw in the games listed at
things that are Rogue-style games are red circles things that are not are blue.
what games are important but missing from the graph?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stink Warrior (A Rogue-Style Game)

I wrote a Rogue-Like these past 3.5 days making it half of a 7drl to test some concepts before implementing them in the more complicated Goblin Men. 

 You have heroically battled through twenty-six levels of evil slaughtering all that would stand in your way. (Except for those blind naked mole rats they did not trouble you and your alignment is lawful good so there would have been experience penalties) You Vacuumed up every useful potion, wand, ring, scroll, weapon and scrap of armor. luckily so, your epic battle against the Dark Under-Lord Demon Emperor Balrog-Wizard Master Lich Lobh-Se of Yendor required nearly every bit of it. You were nearly broken beaten and cursed within an inch of your life. you were soaked in demon ichor and bile so now you just have to make it home with the cure for you daughers dianthroritis and take a long hot anachronistic shower to get this awful stink off of you. You have won .... boy do you smell bad
 [hit the space bar to start]

I don't plan on "supporting it" but I thought it was funny so here it is for download
            STINK WARRIOR 
Goblin Men continues a pace the next version has sound.

[fixed the 8,2 reversal on the num-pad and put and tweaked the "balance"]; 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Now you can kill stuff and Die

I just wrapped up a release of goblin men as I am meant to be studying for the actuary exams.
I still need to finish a host of things in it so I am dubbing it version -5i + 1. I would explain it but it is complicated. The engine is approaching completion so next week more monsters more puzzles
 less mucking about in the interface.  
Oh and now there is a death screen. (the just turning off was a little confusing.)

have fun and remember work in progress and all that. Download the new version from the link to the side.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Playable Tour of Goblin Men

There is now a playable demo of Goblin men just click on the picture to download it
but first a few caveats This is a very simple and buggy version of the game.
the parser is wonky.
but you get the idea.
make sure to run it in its own folder
as it will produce quite a few files when played.
oh use the comma ',' to interact with the environment.
fighting works but you have to really mean it!

Friday, February 1, 2013


this is how answers a question about the singularity keep in mind it was answered by a real person not a script.  
I am keeping the advertisers in so they can know what kind of content they are paying for.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

An Exploration of the Hubski Trinity

The the three bigger circles are the three most popular (well most followed) users on Hubski that are actual people. Green circles are folks that follow thenewgreen and not mk and kleinbloo. Blue are bloos and the red belong to mk (pbuh) who not being named after a color got the one left over. Folks familiar with the color wheel and Ven diagrams (of which this is a more rigorous version ) will have guessed that the amber folks follow both greeny and mk (pbuh) and not little boy blue and white follow all three.

     What I learned from this visualization is that while kleinbloo has nearly 100 less followers than mk (pbuh) he has seven more people that follow him and not newgreen or mk (pbuh). Newgreen and our leader actually share 64% of their followers. The cyan circles (newgreen and klein followers that for some reason don't like mk (pbuh)) are remarkably few in number (only 33). Green only shares 38% of his followers with Blue leading me to speculate that there is a possible lumpiness on hubski a green division of long time users many with personal connections with thenewgreen and mk and a blue division of redditors following kleinbloo.


Popularity of Hubski users shows Stratification.

I have always assumed that the distribution of followers on hubski followed a power curve with mk (our beneficent founder) top with the popularity of users falling off quickly at first and flatting thus. The 30 most popular users in order of popularity on the X number of followers on the Y.

and until recently this seems to have been true. Notice that although the top users have many more followers than the rest of us there is a smooth decrease no gaps or steep drop offs. Recent events have changed this curve in what I feel is a dramatic fashion.

We still have our glorious leader in the kingly position but we have gained cluster of dukes or barons below him. The rest of the curve has been ruffled but by the time you get to country squires like myself it has smoothed it's self out. So who are are new overlords? The robber barons of of thoughtful discussion?

kleinbl00, hubski and the Lancelot to MK's Arthur thenewgreen. One of them I suspect is a sockpuppet for our king another has me blocked and will sadly never read this.