Sunday, January 6, 2013

Popularity of Hubski users shows Stratification.

I have always assumed that the distribution of followers on hubski followed a power curve with mk (our beneficent founder) top with the popularity of users falling off quickly at first and flatting thus. The 30 most popular users in order of popularity on the X number of followers on the Y.

and until recently this seems to have been true. Notice that although the top users have many more followers than the rest of us there is a smooth decrease no gaps or steep drop offs. Recent events have changed this curve in what I feel is a dramatic fashion.

We still have our glorious leader in the kingly position but we have gained cluster of dukes or barons below him. The rest of the curve has been ruffled but by the time you get to country squires like myself it has smoothed it's self out. So who are are new overlords? The robber barons of of thoughtful discussion?

kleinbl00, hubski and the Lancelot to MK's Arthur thenewgreen. One of them I suspect is a sockpuppet for our king another has me blocked and will sadly never read this.


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